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Bath And Body Works has reinvented the personal care industry with the introduction of fragrant flavorful indulgences, including shower gels, lotions, candles, accessories and just recently hair care products.

Finding the Right Bath and Body Care

When you get home after a hard day, there isn't anything better than a long hot bath. It is healthy for you and it cleanses your body. There are a great many products on the market today that are available for your daily bath and cleansing routine. Whether you are looking for a way to reenergize yourself or wind down and relax after a long day, there is a cleanser that will meet your needs.The biggest trend in bath and body care products today is aromatherapy.

It has been shown that aromatherapy can help with stress and helping you get the energy you need. If you are interested in getting an invigorating and energizing bath choose products that contain citrus scents. If you are looking for a little relaxation and an end to your stress try a lavender scented product.

There are different cleansers available for different uses. Some cleansers work to eliminate the dirt that is built up on our skin. Other cleansers will exfoliate the skin and remove any dead skin cells. There are products that will deep clean the pores, which is beneficial for acne prone skin and for others who have dry skin there are cleansers that will give the skin the moisture that it needs.The cleansers that exfoliate the skin will contain an abrasive substance the will remove the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. The abrasive substance can be in the form of a micro bead facial scrub that will scrub the skin clean and is especially effective for skin that is acne prone. Salicylic or glycolic acids are usually the chemicals that are used in these exfoliating cleansers.

You should be able to exfoliate your skin with any number of mud cleansers that make use of natural exfoliants. Apricot and oatmeal are commonly used as an exfoliating cleanser. You should use care when you are exfoliating your skin so that you don't create any damage. The top layer of dead skin cells will come off quite easily so hard rubbing is not required. If you rub too hard with an exfoliating cleanser you will cause your skin to become raw and red.

While you are bathing you will probably want to remove any unwanted hair that is on your body. You can use a wax or depilatory to remove your unwanted hair growth. A razor can also be used in the hair removal. You should make sure that the razor you use is clean and not rusty. Discard any razor that appears to have rust on it. Shaving creams can help in your shaving process. Your skin will be nice and soft if you use a lotion after shaving. A depilatory is a chemical that will dissolve the hair on the surface of the skin.

The chemicals that are contained in depilatories are very strong and you should use a great deal of care when you are using one of these products. A waxing treatment is used if you wish to remove the hair below the surface of the skin. It will last for a longer period of time than the other methods of hair removal. Applying the wax to the area where the hair is located uses a wax. The wax is allowed to harden and then it is removed quickly as it pulls the hair out with it. This can hurt a bit so you should consider whether this type of hair removal method is for you.

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Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa hand products

Have you been checking out the True Blue Spa hand products at Bath and Body Works and wondering if they are as good as they claim to be? If you have dry skin and rough spots on your hands, you have probably been looking for a hand product to make them soft and smooth again. Bath and Body Works' True Blue Spa hand products are a good product for smoothing, softening and moisturizing hands, but are they outstanding? Read on to find out if they are worth your money.

Manicure Scrub Ingredients and Claims. The Just a Minute 60-second manicure scrub by True Blue Spa ($12 for a 5 ounce jar) contains sugar, a natural exfoliator and humectant, and shea butter to moisturize and condition. The label on the manicure scrub jar claims, "This sugar-based exfoliating treatment makes quick work of dull, dry skin and ragged cuticles to give even the most mani-deprived hands a taste of soft, smooth spa manicure perfection in just one minute."

Manicure Scrub Instructions. The instructions for the manicure scrub direct that the user "massage treatment into wet hands for a full minute, paying special attention to nail beds and any rough areas." Next, "rinse clean to reveal hands that look like they've spent the whole day at the spa."

Manicure Scrub Review. The manicure scrub has a delicious citrus scent to match its bright orange color and fun, sugary texture. After massaging the scrub into my wet hands for 60 seconds, much of the sugar exfoliant had dissolved and the gel had turned into a white, creamy lather. After rinsing my hands thoroughly and drying them, my hands already felt softer and less rough. They felt smooth and very clean.

Softening Hand Lotion Ingredients and Claims. The True Blue Spa Look Ma, New Hands softening hand lotion by Bath and Body Works ($12 for a 2.5 oz tube) lists paraffin, olive, avocado and apricot oils, and Vitamin E as active ingredients. The products states that the paraffin is to help lock in moisture and protect skin, the oils moisturize and the Vitamin E protects against damaging free radicals. The True Blue Spa softening hand lotion claims to lock in essential moisture to keep skin soft, smooth and super protected.

Softening Hand Lotion Instructions. The tube of softening hand lotion says to "slather hands with a generous amount of the lotion" and to "slip on Beauty Queen Wave Moisturizing Gel Gloves for twenty minutes or overnight."

Softening Hand Lotion Review. The hand lotion is white, very thick and a little greasy feeling at first. It has a very light, barely noticeable scent. I rubbed a generous amount of it into my hands and covered my hands with a pair of old socks, since I don't have Beauty Queen Wave Moisturizing Gel Gloves. 20 minutes later, I removed the socks and went to bed. My hands were no longer greasy feeling, but pleasantly soft and moisturized.

Overall. In the morning my hands still felt smooth and soft. Two exceptionally dry spots on my hands remained, but were smaller and less dry. I highly recommend the True Blue Spa hand products for anyone with normal to dry skin on their hands. The best qualities of the Just a Minute 60-Second Manicure Scrub are its scent and how quick and simple it is to use. Sixty seconds isn't a long time and the scrub can easily be worked into your bedtime routine every few days. The manicure scrub is worth a little splurge to make your bathroom sink feel like a day spa. The Look Ma, New Hands Softening Hand Lotion is a little thicker than most hand creams, but really isn't anything special, especially with the lack of scent. For $12, save your money and buy a much larger tube of Hand and Body Cream from Bath and Body works in your favorite scent.

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